local marketing

We are a complete local marketing service which utilizes many tools to drive traffic to client websites and social media propeties which convert those leads into sales. There are many factors that go into a marketng plan. Establishing a goal for the current marketing strategy is the first step.We do all of the heavy lifting on setting these elements in motion and track all of the metrics. This allows the business owner to focus on running their business. .Learn more


We develop and produce our own informational products to sell online and to retail outlets. Sourcelight Media is also available to produce local business marketing videos, training videos, simple explanier videos .Advances in audio recording has brought broadcast quality audio to everyone and the capability is growing daily. The problem is that there is still a steep learning curve …. Learn more

digital publishing

The era of digital self-publishing is upon us. The latest hardware and software innovations has expanded the media market to all of us. We are all subject matter experts on many things and people are willing to pay to us for our knowledge. We are  capable of creating retail ready DVDs and CDs from your content. We can help with online digital distribution. Learn more


We run a virtual office and everyone is available to answer questions or give information about our products and services.  
Keep up to date on what is trending as far as digital media from a content as well as a delivery perspective
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