Confident to make your mark?

Many of us would be reluctant to write the menu of a restaurant on a chalkboard sign. We marvel as those people who seem to have a natural ability to make their lettering readable and artistic.

Whenever someone puts a pen to paper or chalk to a board, they are literary making a mark. Figuratively it’s their mark to the world. The question come up ,” Is my mark good enough? ” or “Will it be understood?”

It’s fear that holds us back from being bold and taking that first step. When we were small when made marks over anything and everything to our parents dismay. Our markings had to be reigned in and controlled. In school , there were lines drawn all over the place where we weren’t allowed to make marks. “Stay within the line!” was the montra. So it got to the point where we no longer wanted to make any marks anywhere.

“Leave it to the artist!’ is our noble cry, so that we don’t have to take that chance. I challenge everyone to be brave enough to say NO. To make their own sketch , drawing , doodle, and lettering without reservation.

Be confident and make your mark today!